Evolving the nation’s most treasured biscuit

United Biscuits, a prominent UK biscuit manufacturer, approached Bow & Arrow to innovate their product offering across their major brands: Digestives, GoAhead, and HobNobs. 

Compared to the chocolate and confectionary category, where products have already evolved to serve current consumer trends and behaviours, the biscuit category has largely stayed the same (or stale) for decades, consequently losing out on market share. This project presented a huge opportunity for change.

→ Fancy trying McVitie's Nibbles? Find them here.
→For McVitie's Thins, I love the Cappucino ones.


Creative Lead, Art Direction


  • Team lead
  • Concept creation & development
  • Art direction
  • Design
  • Market research
  • Customer testing

Created At

Bow & Arrow



We led truly category-defining innovation for the UK biscuit industry, whilst retaining the well-loved taste and texture of the Digestive biscuit range in a modern, more relevant format.


McVitie’s Nibbles:

The classic Digestives in nibbly, crunchy biscuit balls, covered in deliciously smooth chocolate. Now available in resealable share bags

Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Double Chocolate, Orange and even a HobNobs version

McVitie’s Thins:

The same crowd favourite Digestives with fewer than half the calories and guilt. Delicate thinner biscuits, smothered with a layer of smooth chocolate.

Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and my personal favourite, Milk Chocolate Cappuccino



Sales of McVitie’s Nibbles exceeded expectations, making £12m ($15.6m) in year 1. McVitie’s Thins have a predicted revenue of £12m.